Hi, I’m Karen, here’s my story

Hi, I’m Karen, nice to meet you! We all have a story so I thought I’d share mine.

My marketing background

Throughout my 17 year marketing career, I worked in businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. For many of those years I loved it but as the years rolled by I felt less and less fulfilled and started to question whether this was my true calling in life.

Whilst working long hours developing campaigns to help add more the the company’s bottom line, I no longer felt any sense of achievement and I didn’t feel valued. What I really craved was to make a difference in peoples’ lives so that I felt my time at work was rewarding.

An unexpected setback

During the latter years of my marketing career I developed a chronic mysterious health problem that left the medical profession stumped and finally resulted in me having to give up work. I searched online for ways to heal myself naturally through nutrition and lifestyle. After much online research I found inspiration from some amazing people – one woman in particular who had cured herself from my condition through a variety of natural healing modalities and gone on to become a naturopathic doctor. Following several consultations with her and putting into practice what I had learned online, my efforts began to pay off. It was a difficult journey. I had relapses and setbacks which at times had me wondering whether any of this was working. However, slowly but surely I improved. This changed my mindset and enabled me to think that anything is possible.

My coaching journey

I knew then that a marketing career in the corporate world was no longer the right path for me. I still had a huge desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives but I didn’t know how.  I originally considered health coaching and attended a short taster coaching course hosted by The Coaching Academy. From that point on I was hooked! Coaching was definitely for me although I found other aspects of coaching more fascinating – in particular how we can use our own inner resources and the power of the mind to make positive changes in our lives.

So I went on to study NLP and Time Line Therapy TM and became a fully certified NLP Life Coach helping people transform their lives for the better! Originally helping individuals like myself to escape the 9-5 and create their dream business I soon found that often I was using my marketing expertise to help aspiring and new entrepreneurs with their marketing strategy and getting fabulous feedback in the process.  So I decided to shift my focus towards helping these types of clients to achieve their business goals and dreams and in turn, live the life of their dreams!

So if you are just starting out on  your entrepreneurial journey and need some help, contact me today to arrange a no-obligation FREE Discovery Call.  You can also join my facebook community of like-minded individuals for free information, e-books, mini-courses, support and inspiration at Marketing and Mindset for Entrepreneurs.