• I had two coaching sessions with Karen where we went over my marketing pitch and some NLP techniques for mindset. Karen made me feel very comfortable throughout our sessions, guiding me and warmly prompting me if I was struggling with something. Karen is brilliant at what she does. She has helped me enormously. After just my first session I was able to implement her techniques and improve my pitching. After our second session, I have gone away with some great tips to help improve my mindset for both my personal and business life. Thank you again Karen, you come highly recommended!

    Laurie Lewis, LA Web Solutions Manchester
  • Karen has been a huge help to my business so far...I only wish I had met her two years ago when I started out! Karen is highly professional with an endless wealth of knowledge in marketing and delivers in a way that is clear and understandable and meeting me at my specific business needs. I'm looking forward to more sessions. Thank you Karen!!

    Melody Lovell, Accredited and Certified EFT Practitioner France
  • I had a fantastic session with Karen last week. She really helped me get clear on what I needed to focus on. The session was great and her techniques in asking questions and listening really helped me get the most out of the session. I can recommend Karen if you are looking for a coach.

    Sam Haggart, Social Media Trainer Leeds
  • Thank you Karen for a wonderful session. Your coaching provided me clarity around my most pressing issue. Your quality of listening and listening-for that which could make a difference are superb. Your coaching is empowering and supportive at the same time. Thank you for your admirable contribution to the world.

    Elaine Reinoso, Financial Freedom Consultant, Certified PsychoSpiritual Coach and Motivational Speaker Florida, USA
  • I needed support and clarity with my business and I am so glad I was able to have a one hour session with Karen. She was amazing, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. Karen helped me by giving me more clarity on what I need to do within my business. I would highly recommend you have a session with Karen.

    Nekeshia Williams, Virtual Assistant London
  • Having been stuck on a merry go round of indecision and feelings of being over whelmed, Karen helped me to clarify my priorities and enabled me to set realistic, proactive goals. The sheer clarity of thought and gentle challenging really helped me climb out of my rut and into action. Would highly recommend the 1-1 coaching sessions with Karen to all.

    Elaine Sharkey Bury
  • Karen really helped me gain clarity around my message and how I can better accomplish my goals. Now I see my vision on paper. I couldn’t be more pleased!

    Dona Winger, Wellness Coach South Dakota, USA
  • Karen’s coaching is second to none! I spent an hour with Karen, looking at my marketing. I made the changes we came up and got two new clients the next day.

    Chrissi King, Life and Business Coach Norfolk
  • Thanks to Karen Welden, we're working on defining our goals for our baking business. She gave Paul an amazing coaching session this week and it's helping us already, would really recommend booking in with her.

    Paul, Proprietor at GoldnBrown Cakes Leeds
  • My NLP coaching session with Karen was a great experience. I loved her voice and energy. There was a wonderful combination of fragility and assertiveness. It seemed as if she had been through the same and made it "to the other side". There was no feeling of "I know better". I loved how she came to my level and showed genuine interest in what I had to say and giving me the time to express myself. As we got into the technique, I enjoyed her guidance through the different parts of it. Karen made me feel safe, heard and seen. Since my NLP therapy session I've already set a date for my challenge and posted the event online! Thank you very much for everything!

    Theodora Voutsa, Founder/Creator at Theodora Voutsa Productions Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Karen is a super coach! I have been lucky enough to win the privilege of having 2 free sessions, participating to a challenge in her group. Karen is a sweet, caring and very empathetic Professional (capital P is not a typo!) delivering outstanding service and immediate result, despite there was no financial reward for her hard work. I felt truly comfortable, even listening to somehow uncomfortable questions, but the outcome opened a world right in front of me! So, yes I absolutely recommend Karen on a scale from 0 to 10 with a big bold ELEVEN! Thank you so much for dragging me through this moment of empasse, where I had almost given up on my dream, I won't disappoint you!

    Patty Smit, Health and Wellbeing Expert Maidstone
  • Karen made me feel very comfortable from the start of the session. She has a gentle energy and certainly holds the space for you. Her questioning was powerful and quickly I found myself searching for deeper answers. She was gentle, yet assertive and an extremely good listener. I felt that I was the most important person at the time, and that whatever it took, she would explore all avenues and options for me to receive the most out of our session. We discussed what would be the best NLP technique even if it was to take longer to process. She could easily have suggested another (paid) call. No, full integrity. We used the Time Line Therapy technique. Karen took me through the process, with confidence, skill and true patience with me as I often 'struggled' with answers. It was amazing to experience as thoughts and incidents that came up that I'd totally forgotten, or hadn't given much thought to. I came away from the call feeling way more energized, and lighter. We decided on some next steps for me to implement. Karen's session feedback notes were thorough, and I could see that she had been really listening and present with me. Karen has all the amazing qualities of a great coach, and I'd love to work with her again.

    Martine Metaxas, Life Coach at Martine Metaxas Kefalonia, Greece
  • I just had an amazing coaching session with Karen. She is friendly and approachable and put me at ease right away. I had several issues I was struggling with, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but Karen listened to my concerns. She helped to unpick and hone in on one specific area that we could work together with, as a priority to move me forward. Karen really helped me to figure out how to get focused in my business again. She also directed me towards specific tools I could use to organise, plan and structure my week as well as planning my time for marketing content. Writing things down, structuring time, using a content calendar and a really good journal is key and sticking to a plan will enable me to be more consistent and more focused. I will definitely be able to apply these principles and techniques straight away to my daily routine in my business. I would recommend Karen to any one looking for a coach as they would most definitely benefit from her wealth of knowledge and expertise. She also has an amazing Facebook group which I am a member of and she provides really valuable content.

    Shirley Powell, Coach, Mentor and Health / Wellbeing Consultant Ipswich

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