Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur still in your corporate career or you’ve already made the transition, I can help you on your journey with your mindset and your marketing so that you can build your dream business and life.  I offer a variety of services and packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

In my One to One coaching sessions I’ll guide and support you in achieving your goals – you can opt for individual sessions or alternatively a package of 3 or 5 sessions with discounts if paid for upfront.  I also offer a Marketing 1:1 Mentoring package.

If you want to really dig deep and let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs which are often at the root cause of us not moving forward in the way we want in both life and business, you can choose one of my ‘Deep Dive’ packages which each include a full coaching and NLP ‘Breakthrough Session’ using Time Line TherapyTM.

Breakthrough Sessions are a great way to really unscramble whatever is preventing you from living your best life. Using deep questioning techniques and Time Line TherapyTM I can help you to release negative emotions, let go of limiting beliefs and create a better future.

Choose from either Gold, Silver or Bronze Deep Dive packages each offering different levels of support after your initial breakthrough session.  All information exchanged during our sessions will remain completely confidential.

One-to-one coaching and email support Monday to Friday between sessions

Bronze Package includes NLP Breakthrough Session and one follow up coaching session

Silver Package includes NLP Breakthrough Session and 2 follow up coaching sessions

Gold Package includes NLP Breakthrough Session and 3 follow up coaching sessions



  • You’re ready to escape corporate life and are committed to making a radical change for the better.
  • You’ve already made the leap into self-employment and you’re keen to grow your dream business.
  • You’re a new entrepreneur and lack of confidence, fear of failure, negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’ are holding you back from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in your business and doing what’s necessary to achieve your business vision and goals.
  • You’re committed to making a positive change in your business or life right now and do the work that’s required.
  • You’re motivated to develop the confidence to go for what you want.
  • You want to work with someone who’s been where you are.

…then YES I can help you!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur then I was where you are not so long ago.  I had been thinking of moving from a corporate marketing job to freelancing but then fear held me back and I ended up just moving to another corporate marketing job.

I had SO many limiting beliefs – here are some of the things I was saying to myself

  • “There are so many more talented people out there, I couldn’t possibly compete”
  • “Why would anyone choose to work with me when there are more experienced people to help them?”
  • “How am I going to contribute to the mortgage and the bills without a steady income?”
  • “What if I fail? What will everyone think of me?”
  • “How am I going to find clients? I can’t afford to join networking groups”
  • “I’m not trained to do anything else except marketing and I’m too old to re-train”

Yet when I was forced to give up work and we relied solely on my partner’s income I did some real soul searching.  I knew that marketing in the corporate world had lost its appeal for many reasons.  I had to tap into what really lit me up.  And I knew that I loved helping people.  I knew that I wanted to do something that made a real positive difference to people.  So that’s when I considered coaching and I retrained! I’ve combined my coaching, NLP and marketing expertise to help individuals to escape corporate life and grow and build their dream business.

This process took me a long time because I went through it without any help.  It was a long period of self-discovery and if I knew about coaching back then I would certainly have hired one!

I can make this much quicker and easier for you.  I’ll help you to find clarity around what you’re passionate about, explore how this could become your vocation and together we’ll work out the necessary steps to achieve it.  We’ll also work on your mindset and remove any negative emotions or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are.  You’ll come away with a solid plan of action AND the confidence, passion and motivation to embrace your new adventure and deal with challenges with ease.

If you’ve already made the leap and you’ve set up your dream business, then I can help you to make a BIG difference to your business success with my marketing and mindset coaching, 1:1 mentoring and online programs.  Even when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, new limiting beliefs surfaced that I didn’t even know I had because I was in unfamiliar and scary territory. I had to get VERY visible online and whilst I love talking to people, I’m a natural introvert and being the centre of attention is way out of my comfort zone.  So I had to do more mindset work on myself and hire my own coach / mentor to help me do what I needed to become more visible.  So I want to help YOU to do the same.

So are you ready to build and grow your dream business?

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