What to expect

This package is great for those of you wishing to get deeper into the true emotional cause of your issue and release all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs which may be holding you back in both life and business.

It is a truly TRANSFORMATIONAL experience.

Through deep questioning we’ll discover and challenge the deep structure of your issue.
Then using Time Line TherapyTM we’ll release any negative emotions or limiting beliefs which are holding you back. This process is a quick and effective way to get results.

You’ll come away feeling lighter, more energised and motivated to put the necessary actions into place to create your dream life and career once our session is over.

No more “I can’t be successful” or “success is for other people”……instead you’ll be saying:
“I CAN have my dream career”, “I CAN be successful” and “Anything is possible.”

What you’ll get

• full 3 hour breakthrough session with deep questioning and Time Line TherapyTM
• 3 further hourly coaching sessions.
• email access Monday to Friday for the duration of our sessions.


• CLARITY about what’s keeping you stuck where you are.
• CLARITY about your true passion and life purpose.
• CONFIDENCE to get out of your comfort zone and take the necessary action to achieve your business goals.
• CONFIDENCE to get out of your comfort zone and take the necessary action to go after your life dreams.
• RELEASE of all the fears, negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back.
• PLAN OF ACTION to put the necessary steps into place to make your dream a reality following our session.
• ONGOING SUPPORT, coaching, mindset work and additional NLP intervention where required to keep you motivated and on track.

Your investment