What to expect

Using a combination of coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, I can guide you and help you to make your business and life goals a reality instead of just a distant dream.

Who I typically help
  • You’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a great business idea but not sure how to get things up and running or where to start with regards to marketing.  You might be feeling overwhelmed by all the marketing choices and how to prioritise what to do first.  I will help you to formulate a marketing strategy that is bespoke to your particular business.
  • You’re an established entrepreneur in the early stages of your business and would like some clear direction with your marketing and what to focus on to get the business growth you desire. I will help you formulate a marketing plan, set your marketing goals to achieve the growth you are looking for and formulate and implement a strategy that works for your particular business.
  • You’re feeling STUCK in  your life or business – maybe by fear of failure, procrastination, lack of confidence or self belief, comparing yourself to others, difficulty making decisions, lacking in productivity, feeling overwhelmed or stressed or repeating bad habits that don’t steer you towards your goals. I will help you to overcome whichever of these issues you are struggling with so that  you can be the best version of yourself and move forward with your life.
  • You feel stuck in a soul-destroying career and would LOVE to make a radical career change but have no idea what you might do that has you leaping out of bed in the morning. I will help you to find your true passion and purpose and together we’ll create a plan for you to follow to help make your dreams a reality!

More information about the coaching process and what’s involved can be found on my FAQs page.

What you’ll get

• hourly coaching sessions either weekly or fortnightly (including NLP intervention where required).
• email support Monday to Friday for the duration of your coaching.

Benefits from working with me 1:1
  • CLARITY on what’s keeping you stuck where you are
  • STRATEGIES to remove the blockages that are keeping you stuck such as fear and procrastination
  • CONFIDENCE to go after your dreams
  • REMOVAL of limiting decisions, beliefs and negative emotions that are holding you back
  • PLAN OF ACTION to put the necessary steps (and milestones) in place to make your dreams a reality
  • MARKETING & BUSINESS SUPPORT clarity on your business goals and bespoke marketing support
  • MINDSET MASTERY continual mindset work to keep you positive, motivated and on track
Your investment

Individual sessions – £99 per session.

Whilst one session can be beneficial it’s rare to achieve deep lasting change from one session. I typically find that a minimum of 3 sessions works well to get to the root cause of your issue and do the necessary work between sessions to achieve your desired result.  Not only that, when you work with me over time, you have someone holding you accountable and ensuring that you do the necessary work to achieve your goals.

I therefore offer the following packages:

3 sessions booked and paid for upfront – £250 (saving of £47)
5 sessions booked and paid for upfront – £399 (saving of £96)

If you book by session and have more than 3 sessions the price remains at £99 per session.  

I also offer a Bespoke Marketing 1:1 Mentoring Package where we look at your marketing from planning stage through to performance measurement and review.  Delivered in 7-10 sessions (can vary by client) this includes planning, goal setting, identifying, understanding and connecting with your ideal customer / client, setting your marketing budget, creating a marketing activity schedule, creating powerful marketing messages, building and nurturing relationships, content creation, measurement and review.  Including activities, worksheets and ‘Done For You’ templates, this comprehensive package is £995. Once you have completed this program, you will have no more overwhelm and will feel like a marketing professional! You will have support and access to me in-between sessions.

Marketing 1:1 Mentoring Package – £995.

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